By John Byrnes

Many people don’t believe that a chiropractor can help them. However, many people find that the right chiropractor can provide a lot of relief after suffering an injury. You are not an expert on chiropractic care, so how would you go about finding the right chiropractor? Where should you start?

Not all medical professionals are created equal. There are good and bad chiropractors, just as there are good and bad lawyers. Put in the necessary time to find the best professional to treat your injuries.

Apply these five tips to find a great chiropractor:

1. Honesty: the best chiropractors are willing to be honest with their patients. This ensures you’ll be recommended the most appropriate treatment for your injuries. The suggestion to sign up for a long-term treatment package before seeing your initial response to the treatment should be a red flag. If your doctor believes another form of medicine is in your best interest, he or she will recommend another healthcare professional.

2. Ask around: the best ways to find a great chiropractor is to simply ask your friends and family. There are many review sites online that can also provide a good starting point. Avoid falling victim to flashy advertisements. Try to get first-hand information and go from there.

3. Try an initial consultation: any good chiropractor will have good skills in three areas: examination, diagnosis, and treatment. See how confident you feel about his ability in these three areas. Did you take a thorough medical history? Does he ask about the details of your current health issues? Does he give a thorough initial examination? Is he willing to provide an initial diagnosis? Do you understand it is suggested treatment plan?

4. Does he stay within him the realm of his field? A good chiropractor will only treat the conditions that are treatable within her field of medicine. She shouldn’t hesitate to refer you to other, more suitable doctors should your condition warrant it. A chiropractor can treat a patient with underlying disease, but shouldn’t claim to be able to treat the disease. There is no evidence that a chiropractor can successfully treat diabetes, cancer or a whole host of other diseases.

5. Your comfort: Most of us have good intuition about people. After meeting your potential chiropractor and getting you initial visit out of the way, how do you feel about him? Do you trust this person? Do they feel confident? If you have any apprehension, it might be wise to consider someone else.

Finding the right chiropractor can take a little time, but it’s time well spent. Don’t wait any longer if you’re in pain, but don’t rush out and trust your care to the first chiropractor you find. Use these 5 tips and the right chiropractor is right around the corner. If you have been injured you deserve the best!