Workplace Accidents

Construction accidents occur 150,000 times each year, resulting in approximately 4,500 fatalities. The most common cause of injury is falls. Heavy equipment, electrical equipment, welders, structural failure, compressor explosions, and scaffolding collapse are just a few of the hazards found on many construction sites.

The laws related to construction accidents exclude the option of a construction worker suing an employer. The workers’ compensation system is applied for most work-related injuries. However, if the injury is caused by the negligence of another contractor, that contractor can be sued to recover financial damages. Seek a competent construction accident attorney to help you to obtain the financial compensation you deserve.

Industrial accidents result in the injury or death of approximately 2,035,000. That’s an average of 232 people every hour of the year. Industrial accidents are commonly the result of toxic exposure, falling objects, drilling accidents, fires, burn injuries, and electrocutions. These accidents are commonly the result of negligence on the part of management to enforce safety rules and guidelines. Improperly maintained equipment, vehicles and tools are another cause of industrial accidents.

Injuries resulting from industrial accidents can be particularly devastating. Ensure an attorney is by your side to navigate this complicated and stressful situation.

The mention of office accidents typically evokes images of paper cuts, but nothing could be further from the truth. The most common office accidents are trips, slips, and falls. Lifting injuries are also common. Places of business are required to provide a safe and secure work environment. Debris and boxes in walkways, improperly routed electrical cords, and bulging carpets can result in serious injury.