Crime Victim Injury

Assaults are among the most common crimes that result in injury. Approximately 2 million people are injured each year from assault-related crimes. Victims include children, adults, and the elderly. While most people assume that assaults occur primarily in the street, assaults occur in a wide-range of locations, including the home, workplace, schools, and the grocery store. In many states, the owner of a business is liable for injuries that occur on that property.

It is common for victims of assault to feel frightened and helpless. Not only are physical injuries common, psychological injuries are also typical. Theses can include depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and anxiety. Psychological treatment can be very long-term and becomes very expensive. The law permits compensation for both physical and psychological injuries.

Higher-education campuses are not immune to crimes of assault, particularly sexual assault. Many universities will hold disciplinary hearings separate from any criminal proceedings. A favorable outcome will commonly result in expulsion for the perpetrator.

After the criminal proceedings are completed, it’s also possible to launch a civil lawsuit. The college or university may be liable in certain cases. An experienced university assault attorney can ensure that all responsible parties are addressed within the legal system.

Coach sexual abuse is becoming more common. Coaches are granted a great deal of trust within our society. Every day, there are coaches sexually abusing all ages of children, from elementary school through college. The abusers and the institutions providing employment can both be liable and held financially responsible.

Priest abuse is well reported in the media. Within many churches, priests have been abusing children for years without punishment. In the last 50 years, over 10,000 victims have reported abuse at the hands of clergy. Abuse can be long-standing due to the shame, embarrassment and fear that many victims feel.

All priest sexual abuse victims are encouraged to report the crime to the authorities immediately. A skilled attorney can provide the guidance necessary to hold the perpetrator and the church responsible.

Sexual assault involves any sexual act that is committed without consent. While most sexual assaults are committed by a man against a woman, sexual assaults can also be committed by women and even children. Anyone can be a victim of sexual assault.

Less than 50% of sexual assaults are reported. Over 200,000 sexual assaults are reported annually in the United States. You’re probably aware that the criminal courts are able to punish those guilty of sexual assault. It is also possible to sue in civil court for monetary damages. These monies commonly come from an insurance policy, rather than directly from the perpetrator.

Unfortunately, our school systems are common locations for sexual abuse. School sexual abuse is reported thousands of times every year. While schools are required to report any claims of sexual abuse to the authorities, this often does not occur. It is also common for schools to attempt to cover up alleged abuse.

Schools can often be held accountable for their role in the abuse. This may take the form of negligent hiring practices and background checks, negligent supervision of staff and students, concealment of sexual assault incidents, failure to investigate and failure to report.

Monetary compensation can include pain and suffering, medical expenses and injuries, and mental and physical impairment. Ensure that financial security is not a concern by hiring an experienced school sexual abuse attorney.

Shootings occur every day in the US and account for most of the murder victims. It is possible for shooting victims and their families to receive financial compensation. If the shooting happened to occur on a commercial property or commercial parking lot, it is common to receive compensation from any insurance policies related to those properties. In many states, businesses are held accountable for the security of the commercial property.

In the case of accidental shootings, frequently the manufacturer and distributor of the firearm can be held accountable. Injuries from shootings can be dramatic and inhibit earnings for a lifetime. An experienced shooting victim lawyer can maximize your compensation for medical bills, lost wages and future income, pain and suffering, and future care.