hit-runBy John Byrnes

It can be a frightening and frustrating situation. You’re driving responsibly and safely when another car hits you and leaves the scene. You may have suffered property damage and personal injury. Who is responsible for paying for the damage if the other party can’t be found?

What should you do?

1. Call the police immediately. Call 911 and start the process of getting the police involved. In the short term, getting the medical treatment you need is the most important issue.

• The police will take notes and measurements at the scene of the accident. They will also take your statement.

• Attempt to provide every possible detail to the police. Did you see the driver? What type of car was the other person driving? Did you see the license plate? Did you have a chance to speak to them before they left? What did they say to you?

• In many cases, the other driver’s damaged vehicle is spotted within a few minutes.

• All car accidents must be reported to the police. Be sure to make the call immediately.

2. Call an injury attorney. Attorneys have a lot of experience dealing with the police, doctors, and insurance companies. The way you present the accident to your insurance company is important. Saying the wrong thing can be a real roadblock to receiving any compensation. At the very least, your attorney should coach you on what to say (and what not to say) when the insurance company is contacted.

3. Call your insurance company. It’s possible your attorney will make this call for you. He or she should at least be involved in the call and the reporting of the accident.

• If the other party is never located, your uninsured motorist coverage will most likely pay for the damages. While most people assume this coverage only relates to situations where the other driver has no insurance or insufficient insurance, hit and run accidents also apply.

• Unfortunately, uninsured motorist coverage is usually quite low. Working with the authorities to find the other party is important. You’re likely to be better compensated if the other party can be located.

How to find the right attorney for the job:

There’s much more to finding competent experienced personal injury lawyers than randomly calling the first full-page advertisement in the phone book. Take the time to fully investigate any attorney you’re considering.

What level of personal attention can you expect from this individual? What is their track record? How much experience do they have with hit and run accidents?

Hit and run accidents can be especially troubling. Not only is the accident itself stressful, the resolution can be unclear since the other party chose to flee the scene. Get the police involved as soon as possible and then find the best hit and run personal injury attorney available. If possible, find an attorney BEFORE contacting your insurance company. To find out more about car wreck lawyers or car wreck information visit our website.