Lexington, KY (March 26, 2024) – Injuries resulted from a traffic accident that happened in Lexington on the evening of March 26. At approximately 5:14 p.m., emergency crews were sent to render aid at the Man O War Boulevard scene. Reports show it happened near the intersection with Beaumont Centre Lane. Vehicles crashed in the vicinity of Hanson Field, causing at least one individual to sustain injuries. Paramedics took victims to the hospital for medical care as police continue to investigate. 

We hope for the full recovery of the injured victims.

Kentucky Car Accidents

Lexington, KY - Injury Accident on Man O War Blvd near Beaumont Centre Ln Kentucky is no stranger to car accidents. Every year, the state sees approximately 150,000 auto accidents that cause injuries to tens of thousands of people and take the lives of thousands more. Unfortunately, most of these wrecks are caused by negligent driving. The story remains the same throughout the rest of the country, where negligent driving has become a serious issue. Especially in the past decade, actions like distracted and intoxicated driving have risen to the top of the list of reasons why American car accidents occur. 

Each year, more than 12,000 people end up losing their lives in auto accidents caused by driver intoxication. Additionally, distracted driving takes the lives of around 3,000 people annually. Negligent driving is a dangerous and even deadly act that can injure and take the lives of everyone involved. Being injured in a negligently caused auto accident is no joke, and can land you in the hospital, unable to work or see your friends and family. This can be extremely overwhelming, expensive, and stressful. 

If you or someone you love were recently hurt in a car crash that you believe was caused by the actions of a negligent driver, you deserve to be able to recover without having to worry about money. Working with a personal injury attorney in Lexington can help you to recover in numerous ways after your accident. 

Call a reputable and experienced car crash attorney from the Byrnes Law Office at 502-364-2500 to learn about how we can help you through this difficult time. We have been working for three decades to aid crash victims and their loved ones in their recovery after they have been hurt in a crash caused by negligence. You have nothing to lose when you work with our firm as we do not charge any up front or out-of-pocket fees. We only get paid if you do, so call us as soon as you can.