Owensboro, KY (March 21, 2024) – A teenage girl became the victim of a fatal traffic collision that occurred in Owensboro, Kentucky, on Wednesday, March 20. Police report the collision occurred on East 4th Street when the girl was struck by a car in the area. She was transported to a nearby hospital for treatment; however, she sadly lost her life a short time later. Police in Owensboro are currently investigating the details of the accident. 

We want to offer our sincere condolences to the deceased victim’s family at this time.

Kentucky Auto Collisions

In the United States, pedestrian accidents are often caused by drivers who do not follow traffic rules and regulations. When it comes to distracted driving, texting, and driving is becoming the main type of this kind of negligence displayed in the United States, causing millions of collisions and injuries each year. In 2020, over 7,000 pedestrians lost their lives in car accidents. Most of these crashes were caused by negligent drivers. 

Pedestrians often sustain more severe injuries than others when they are involved in motor vehicle accidents due to the fact that when they travel, they are virtually unprotected. Over half the time, pedestrians sustain severe injuries when they are involved in auto collisions. 

Pedestrian crashes occur for various reasons. The majority of them happen due to the actions of negligent drivers. When you or someone you love suffers injuries in a pedestrian crash, having the help of an experienced attorney on your side can help ensure that you are fairly compensated for the losses and damages you face because of your accident.

Unlawful and negligent driver behaviors put many people in harm’s way in the United States. Especially pedestrians and cyclists. When drivers act inattentive and careless, the chances of them causing someone serious or even fatal injuries are, unfortunately, extremely high. 

Some examples of driver negligence that may cause severe accidents include distracted, drunk, or fatigued driving. If you lost someone you love in a pedestrian accident caused by a negligent driver, you deserve to be able to focus on the grieving process and the emotional health of your family without worrying about your finances. Contact a wrongful death lawyer who can help you file a wrongful death claim. 

At the Byrnes Law Office, we are dedicated to the full and fair recovery of our clients in the quickest and easiest manner possible. The only thing worse than being hurt in a crash yourself is losing a loved one due to fatal injuries that were imposed upon them in a traffic accident.  If someone you love sustained injuries due to the actions of a negligent driver, contact our wrongful death attorneys in Owensboro today by calling (502) 364-2500. Schedule a free and confidential assessment of your potential case to find out what legal options are available to you.